Teaching and Learning as a lecturer and student; a lifelong learning at work and in daily life


Hi, Thanks for Reading!
Åsa is my name and I am  a Swedish woman, mother, wife, nurse, teacher, footballs trainer (for Young girls) and in a constant learning environment with grownups and children. Specialized in diabetes care, patient education and patient learning is essential and the title of my PhD ” Living with diabetes- a Lifelong Learning process” illuminates the process of living-Learning and Health in Daily Life when living with a lifelong illness condition. At my work at Ersta Sköndal University college I teach nursing students and work as a pedagogic developer. At our institution we practice PBL in all Courses and right now starting up a ciricelum for the 3-years nursing program totally based on PBL -very exciting. In my research I work at Karolinska Institutet with development of an e-halth tool for patients with long-term conditions aiming to support their Learning in self-management. In another Project the focus is on adolescences engagement or not engagement based on cultural beliefs, norms and values. We try to understand more of why girls with parents born out of Europe participate less than others, how can they be able to be included, if they want? I am also into a project where we look at how patient education for persons with diabetes can be cultural sensitive.

I join this course to be able to meet new demands of being flexible and  accessible but mainly in order to enlarge my knowledge of new possibilities to network, not limited to physical places, and also to have a greater variation of Tools to stimulate Learning in all different context that I am engage, as a professional and private.












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